Attack Destroyers

(Luigi mon-de-sound) #21

We already have one… It’s called the Corax (talwar works too)

(Jeb Ozuwara) #22

Ugly AF and both are damage locked.

(Old Pervert) #23

I’d be looking to see an isk/volley/dps ratio the same as catalysts. If they hit, for example, twice as hard as a cat, I’d expect them to cost twice as much.

Balancing them around anything else seems moot… in any real pvp they’ll get destroyed by pretty much everything that they can’t sig tank (ABCs and BBs), so you’ll only ever see them used by gankers.

If making them navy boats drives the cost up to meet that ratio, or even if it’s just a T1 hull whose after-insurance cost was meeting that ratio, I’m fine with it.

(system) #24

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