Attack Destroyers

Just like attack battlecruisers, trade tank for damage. Think of a Cormorant with 8 duel 150mm railguns. Or a Talwar with 8 RLMLs.


Sadly they would be to much of a glass Cannon and not worth the cost when other ships can fill this role and have tank. (Remember moon goo change)


Well I guess they could be effective in longbow doctrines, and scince your attacking from very far away they should not be able to hit you. Plus, I don’t think they should be that expensive, because they should only take a little more than a dystroyer to manufacture.

Boy, I wish you where right. But as it stands, unless you have the goo; you might as well buy the ship than make any t2. And sadly t1 destroyers kinda fill this role (rapid lights on a corax would be dope thou) you can get some stupid amount of dps from t1 dd…looks at catalyst.

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Alternatively they could be named Ganking Destroyers. :wink:


Destroyers are already attack style ships. Cruiser dps, range and application bonuses, very little tank.

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This ^

Just like Ganking Battlecruisers (Attack Battlecruisers)

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Personally I would make them Navy Destroyers, that hole on the ship tree still needs to be filled. this would also allow them to have nice unique designs, similar to the Navy Frigates. Caldari Navy SP-22W (Sparrow) and Federation Navy Artemis sounds amazing!
And a fast glass cannon with range bonus doesn’t seem too OP.


Navy Destroyers would be awesome

Bring back the dreams of Mordu’s Legion dessies.
The tears would be so beautiful.


Destroyers can already generate this kind of dps so no need for this change

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Ok, let me think of a test to debunk this…

Let’s try to simulate 7 150 mm railgun Is VS 7 duel 150 mm railgun Is both using antimatter charge.
Because the Cormorant has bonuses for small hybrids, we shall use a Thrasher to remove this bonus.

Now, lets simulate 7 duel 150mm rail guns.

As you can see, the duel 150 mms have a 60 DPS advantage here.

(this test uses the latest edition of Pyfa, and assumes all skills at LV5)

Your logic makes no sense. Remove the Dessie bonus?

We are not comparing weapons. The request was fo high dps Dessie which can be creat ed using existing ships

this is just a on paper test to prove that medium guns do more DPS than small weapons. Plus, if they do introduce this, there will probably be a bonus to damage.

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Only if they’re T2 hulls.

This is suppose to be the Destroyer counterpart of Attack Battlecruisers. (which are T1)

Yea, and these would directly replace virtually everything for ganks if they’re not substantially more expensive than a T1 hull would be.

I’ve nothing against ganking, but this would throw it way out of control.

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What do you think about making them navy destroyers?

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I would kill for one. A Cormorant with missiles… I would gladly cough up 50 mil for one.