Attacked by NPC corp?

Had to attend to work issue and was sitting in front of station in high sec. Came back to pod and ship was destroyed. The NPC corp that killed it was not even same one as the station owner?

How is this possible? It was not faction police it was Deep Core Mining but shows no ship type or anything.

did you recently attack one of there mining fleets or have negative standing with them? cause i think mining fleets who have a really bad standing with you will automatically attack you on site

I dont attack any mining fleet but standings is bad to DCM corp for npc. I guess they search system to attack you then

The NPC haulers are known to occasionally be around stations. Obviously one popped in while you were afk, saw you, reported you as hostile, a reactionary fleet was requested, and the rest is history. Guess they’re giving the drifters a run for their money, almost like they have the same AI…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Was this a Stratios in Urlen?