Attacking High Sec space

Can’t high sec be attacked through wormholes in Kamikaze style missions?

Since you would be WarDec I figured you couldn’t use regular jump gates, but what about wormholing into HighSec then wrecking people there before security can toast you?

Yes, you can attack, and destroy another ship in highsec before CONCORD can destroy you. It isn’t easy and requires preparation, and you will lose your ship, but you also don’t need to use a wormhole. Criminals can move around highsec, at least in small, fast ships, by staying ahead of the Faction Police.

Maybe this will help fill in some of the details:

Thanks! Though maybe wormholes would add advantage of bringing in bigger ships? Or would security just hunt you down as soon as you’re in?

Wormholes might slightly increase your ability to surprise people, and there are criminals who use them to strike all around New Eden and expand their range, but you can’t flee back into a wormhole after you commit a crime in highsec. CONCORD immediately prevent you from warping or jumping into a wormhole if you are next to one. You will still lose your ship.

After you lose your ship, you can go back into the wormhole in you pod though. But CONCORD always has to explode your ship.

Yeah I still figured itd be kamikaze. But thanks for the info. Why isnt there more havoc like this? Just too much effort for the payoff?

Because of the “You will lose your ship” -part

That makes sense…if the ship is too expensive to replace confortably.

So what is the actual incentive for a Corp not to exist just to facilitate this? Is it really that cost prohibitive?

I’m more intrigued by the cost mechanisms than the act itself. Grief and mayhem reigns supreme in games where the cost to grief is low.

Is it just expensive too grief in EVE?

I wouldn’t say too expensive, just high on effort.

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I hope you know how many trillionaires and billionaires are in eve, the cost is nothing to them, goons burn Jita every year, it doesn’t happen as much as because like everything it becomes common place so they just hold on to isk so they can be big fish in this pond.


qft, there are many that are billion or trillionaires. What is a few mill(pennies) when you could get a quick satisfying gank in for a few bills & tears.

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