Attention Carebears! Deaf Eaters Recruiting Ratters and Miners

Officially hated by Suitonia

Hello capsuleers,

Deaf Eaters is currently looking to expand its nullsec mining and ratting division.

Our corporation is half European and half American, which makes for some interesting discussions. We are all fundamentally old friends, veterans, older guys with some more recent additions.

If you are a more mature player (25-30 and up) with a thick skin (at least two of the Americans support Trump, but don’t let that put you off), you would fit right in with us.

Ideally you should be self-sufficient, but we will help where needed. We can provide boosts etc. You can sell your ore/other loot to us, or we can ship it for you, or you can do whatever you want with it.

If you are interested, join us in the in-game channel “Deaf Eaters Public” and say hello.

We’re currently living in the drone space regions, which is perfect for you industrial type players.

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Still recruiting!

Looking for seasoned, laid back pilots.

Had a few new guys so far but we’re still looking. Lots of resources to be had!

Bumpy :slight_smile:


Ore buy back and moon mining all set up and running

Returning to eve. Industrial focused. Looking to get back into eve and try moon mining. Been everywhere in eve. Looking for my next step in my story.

I joined the pub channel drop me a message or mail me in game

Join the pub today to see what else we have too offer

Chilled space with chilled guys and gals with everything you need

We got cool people and colder stacks of ISK out here come get it!

Currently offering free hookers and blow to new members for a limited time only!

Hookers and blow offer HAS BEEN EXTENDED! Join the channel “Deaf Eaters Public” and apply to D3AF3 today!

So you guys rent with TEST in Paragon Soul? KU3-BB?

Sorry for the late response @Yuuki_Shikkoken. That’s right. Please send a mail if you are interested in joining!

Come one come all, we’re in a great area with easy access to pvp and a large indy network!

Chilled space with chilled guys and gals with everything you need

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