Attention citizens of Jita

Freshly mined Gas has arrived safely into station Jita4-4 and orders for Fullerite-C50 , Fullerite-C60 and Fullerite-C84 will be filled based on first come first serve.

Thank you this has been an announcement from Frostpacker.

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The whole less than 1.5 mil worth of shipment? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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If there is a market I can undock a fleet, if you wish to place an order at Jita4-4 go right ahead.

It’s not the size of the load that counts, it’s how that load is used is what matters!

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Greetings Citizens of Jita,

Frostpacker is pleased to report that discussion on the our Gas supply has commenced and we are currently entering negotiations talks.

Note; If more parties would like to take part of of this fantastic competitive advantage we also welcome your contact via evemail.
//current stock

//Edit update Current Gas Supply Available
Nov Y124

Thank you, this has been an announcement from Frostpacker.


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