Attributes Mind Trainer u can do while Autopilot/mining

So basically i got tired of drawing thoose mind numbing lines and this game really needs something more u can do while mining or autopiloting so what about a brain trainer were u have to solve fun puzzles and mind excercises that get harder as u lvl up attributes and theres a limit how many u can do per day and a maximum of 5 attributes on all categories and when u die everything resets :slight_smile: I think its fairly easy to make just copy the most fun excercises and puzzles from the countless brain trainer apps that is around and u get actually smarter by playing the game, but its up to the devs if they wanna make it really great they can include 3d puzzles and such but its up to them really. I know for certain i need a memory trainer. Lemme know what u think :slight_smile:

I mean nothing against this at all and sounds pretty useful just mentioning I thought people watch movies or videos while being semi-afk, which also can be educational subject as well so you can actually learn new stuff while paying mild attention to EVE if you perform activities which permit it.

Alternatively with multiple monitors if you have them can watch videos or movies, browse the internet in general or even play other games (including ones that improve your brain as you suggest) while can keep an eye on your EVE activities on the other monitor.

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