Augoror navy issue possible re-balance

Possibly the addition of a mid-slot and increased speed could be used as a counter to alpha.
Lets not forget reclining seats and n64 upfront.

… this is a troll right?

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Ships don’t just get slots like this. If you look at all ships in a size- and techclass, you’ll see that every ship has the same ammount of slots, with the exception of droneboats having minus one. So if you want an additional midslot, you have to move it from a high or low, and you don’t want to take away a low slot

Only if we can toggle the n64 for PS1.

I love me some Golden Eye and Mario Cart, but 4 player Bomberman (original version) was too much fun!

I hear random chatter and post what i hear. As an industrialist i know very little of the PVP mechanics.
Still if it is being talked about i feel a simple post is worth it to create a knowledge base.

If we go with a PS1 its gonna be twisted metal 4 my guy

At this point remove the utility Highslot for an addition Midslot

then why do you think you know enough to re-balance a pvp ship?

for starters its one of the best heavy tackles and bait ships in the game(you know something those lows and utility highs are useful for). i think this is the first time i have ever heard some one ask for this ship to be touched at all


Amarr Cruiser bonuses (per skill level):
25% bonus to Medium Energy Turret damage
10% bonus to ship armor hitpoints

This ship doesn’t need an alpha counter. It is an alpha counter. You can get an enormous buffer on the ship currently.

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