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Editted the whole post, original was just cruise missiles.

What if all maximum calibur weapons (mega, neutron, 425 rail, etc) were changed to alpha weapons with a much longer duration but artillery like alpha? It’s kind of boring that minmatar have the only real alpha weapons.

I dont think they are trying to encourage more max range alpha strike battles…

Yeah but it would make an alternative at least. It’s kind of dull that only minmatar can do real alpha. Plus missiles have a long travel time from great distances so you can react.

Without the advantage of alpha, I’d struggle for reasons to use artillery.

The good thing is, anyone can train into any weapon. So there’s no reason to homogenise weapon systems.

Alpha damage is hurting the game, as you can see from all those gankers that fit nothing but 2 shots on their ships, because more isn’t needed. If you reach the point where incoming damage exceeds the HP of a ship (aka one-shot) then having repair ships becomes pointless, so a whole part of the game is cut of. Having ships with high DPS but fast firing means that you need to bring many more ships to reach that one-shot threshold than if ships have high volley damage.

Minmatar ships have that because they bring barely anything else to PvP combat. Still a problem, but if you would reduce firing speed of Minmatar weapons you would also have to give those ships something else to stand out in PvP.


You can alpha with torpedoes. Gankers do it with EM torpedoes against freighters all the time…

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First: Cruise Missiles are not the maximum caliber missile weapon, torpedoes are, for Battleships anyways.

Second: Torpedoes are already the alpha weapon of their category; especially polarized torpedo launchers.

Also, the reason gankers only bring 2 rounds ammo is because they know their ships are destroyed before they can shoot for the 3rd time, so why bring the extra ammo.

Over many years, a lot of effort was likely spent trying to balance all the races weapons. Chances seem low the devs would make such changes. And I really like the ~5sec cycle time on hybrids.

This is probably a long shot as well, but instead of requesting to make a change to all these battleship weapons, how about request a new weapons upgrade mod? Much like a Magnetic Field Stabilizer II, but instead of getting x1.1 damage and +10.5% rof, the new mod would get x1.3 damage and -10% rof. Or something like that - too lazy to do the math equivalent for dps… This would essentially create the same effect of high alpha, low rate of fire.

Personally, I would probably only ever swap in such a mod for L4 Scarlet mission tho.

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This increases artillery alphas as well. Not solving the OP’s issue.

Alpha fleets are boring as ■■■■.

We need to be getting away from that ■■■■, not making more of it. While I recognize that it can be used for more, arty fleets invariably end up being "okay everyone shoot in 3…2…1… volley… okay guns off, new target broadcast… volley in 3… 2… 1… ".

Can’t argue with the effectiveness. Can argue that it’s not fun. I wanna fly my own damn ship.


This is true. CCP could also opt not to make a gyrostabilizer version of the mod. But then the counter arguments may be; “but that’s not fair”, or “Minmatar are supposed to be good with alpha strike”.

Either way, it seems unlikely CCP would make any changes to alpha damage, as I’ve mentioned, there would need to be too much re-balancing. The cries from high sec, from the effects to ganking alone, would be deafening. :hear_no_evil:

Not sure if this idea has already been thrown out there, and maybe off topic, but what if CCP created a mod or weather effect that limited the maximum number of hostiles that could target a single ship to like 4, or 5? I’m thinking that weather effects for certain systems could be more interesting, rather than a mod. :thinking: The fur-ball battles that this could generate might be very interesting…

Active content denial is never a fun approach, and honestly, that could be abused pretty easily.
100% promise we’d be spider-locking each other and putting something trivial like a missile guidence disruptor on each other (or tracking disruptors if we’re using missile boats).

About the only thing that would work would be a dps cap, like citadels (percentage based). But that would kill arty entirely, and active tanks would become impossible to kill without gimmicks.

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So I think that alpha should only be one weapon type, and for one reason. All other weapons are built for high DPS at long range, but the one advantage artillery has is the amount of volley damage. If you cant that, then really there is no point for the other guns.

Im starting to like artillery, and it has its uses in a fight. I gt into a wormhole battle where we were barely breaking the scorpions tank, if we added dps it wouldn’t have worked, so I brought artillery. The 3-7k volleys would blast down the shield before he could repair, causing him to bleed. If it was pure DPS, then he would have never broken.

ECCM scripts :wink:

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Completely dependent on how much you actually bring.

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Diminishing returns on the number of ships that are firing weapons at a single target with the highest damage being applied first and the lowest damage being applied last.
Meaning attacking with a cruiser single small laser would apply after a ship with a full rack of Heavy Neutron Blaster IIs and thus be subject to the reduced damage.

I would like the opposite of this personally: remove the damage bonus (maybe give a penalty even) and increase the RoF to achieve the same DPS. Clearing sites would be much more efficient this way than one-shotting the rats with damage that’s 150% of the HP they have.

Wouldn’t be hard for them to change existing damage mods to increase the damage, and then add ROF modules as well. Probably a lot harder to balance though, because we just made the equation harder.

They should just make the TSB work in a useful way… more specifically not affecting purple target locks. That way if you want anti-blob battleships (which it makes perfect sense to use a battleship in a huge-ass slugfest) you can. That too is a huge balance issue though because now your fleet damage is 20% of what it would have been and their logistics is still 100%.

Un-group your guns.