Edit: Large Weapon Alpha

I take back my main idea it was stupid. Should be less alpha not more.

I can see arguments for and against such a mod, but it does seem to have some merit.

Some arguments against might be; switch to rails, or short range weapons w/ bonused ship. Blasters and rails with about 5 sec cycles is about right for me for (blaps/next target) ratio. Plus can split weapon groups as mentioned above.

Some arguments for could be; current weapon upgrades increase BOTH alpha AND rof. Maybe there should be a mod that gives the player a choice. IIRC, the rig versions make you choose between alpha OR rof. Plus, at this time, I can’t think of any major downside effects to gameplay of increasing dps but not alpha. Maybe if sub-second shots are possible with smaller turrets it could affect server load or ticks, I don’t know. But if so, maybe make the new mod require a few hundred PG to keep it for medium or larger turrets.

Personally, I can get about 17sec cycles with 1400mm arty’s, so the mod would definitely help there. Gawd, how do minmatar keep from forehead->keyboard with that rate of fire is beyond me… :confounded: But yah, if there is interest in such a mod, maybe start a new topic to see if there is more consensus.

currently all weapon types have solid pros and cons why normalize them all?

its no more boring that projectile have the best alpha out of turrets than rails having the most range

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