I'm thinking Arbys

So something i’ve been wanting for YEARS (especially since the dragoon was introduced and the geddon rebalanced) is the arbitrator getting its tracking disruption bonus being changed out for a neut range bonus. Its 4 mid slots make it impractical to use for this function where its t2 cousins can fill easily, and it’s generally used as a brawler boat in lowsec as an alternative to the Vexor anyway, which will see more popularity in the near future anyway with the powergrid changes to the two ships.

What does everyone think about this? Would it provide a good role for it and be competitive with other t1 cruisers, and a good pvp boat for alphas, or would it be too overpowered? We’re talking 7.5%-10% per level for range bonuses here (drone bonus remains).

A T1 cruiser with neuting bonuses would be too strong.

Here I was thinking this was gonna be a thread about cheddar and roast beef sandwiches.

Sorry. I’ll go now


I’ve used arbi as weapon destabilize platform for small gang. Had 2x gun, 1x missile and AB fit. Can be fairly annoying when you can take the tracking from a brawler and the range from distance boats whill still applying damage by drones. The +20 km lock range will help even more. Small vamps and nos can help break close in.

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