Augumene Allergen (5 of 5)

Hi. Very n(oobie)ew player here.

I have completed all of the level 1 career missions and have started picking up other missions elsewhere.
As many others have said, there is a MASSIVE learning curve with this game and because of this this some aspects of training missions are not intuitive. But I have managed to work around this until now.

In my current mission, I have to take a supplied blueprint ‘Modified Augumene Antidote’, warp to an area and locate/pick up a sample of ‘Minmotar DNA’ (which I have) and then locate a facility where I can use the blueprint and produce the antidote.
This is where I am having my problem. I cannot find anywhere to produce the antidote. Everywhere I go I can either load the blueprint, but it cannot find the DNA sample (I put it into the item hangar if I am docked). Or it finds the sample but cannot use this blueprint from its current location.

So, I think I have the general mechanics of how to produce the antidote sorted (although there may be some weird one-off method required here), but I don’t know where to go that can actually manufacture it. I have approached both the asteroid station and the Starbase medium refinery that are located in this area, but it doesn’t make the antidote. Help!

Use the Structure Browser to find a station or Upwell Structure with Industry - Manufacturing capabilities. Once docked:

Place all involved items/blueprint in your item hangar (not inside any containers).

Open the Industry window.

On the Blueprints tab, set the filters to ‘Owned by Me’ --> ‘Current Station’ --> ‘Item Hangar’ - this should display the BPC. You can then click on the BPC to load it into the Industry module.

Make sure you have the Manufacture option selected (not Invention).

Set your input item location to your Item Hangar.

Set your output item location to your Item Hangar.

You should have a lovely ‘start’ button after all that.

Example image of a BPC set up for manufacturing - from EVE Uni wiki: