August release - Issues reporting


(voetius) #62

Confirming that I noticed this today as well. I used to press F10 and zoom out of the old map and that increased my framerate noticeably (for the better), which was nice when just mooching on the market in Jita etc.

Now pressing F10 to open the map decreases my framerate noticeably.

Why showing a black screen with a few coloured lines and dots needs more GPU than the station environment or space I am a bit puzzled about.

(Rivr Luzade) #63

And just now I had the same problem on another character with a Devoter when I tried to look at an Astrahus. But not when I looked at a Raitaru.

(Veskin Sentinel) #64

Noticed a strange bug with the Show Info panel for characters, corps and alliances - the Standings tab. Clicking on the Standings tab, then clicking on another tab and then clicking on the Standings tab again, causes the standings to be shown in duplicate. Repeating the process increases the duplicates.

It is strange and funny. :slight_smile:

Bug Report ID: EBR-130783

(Renee Frost) #65

After 2 days of no problems, I started having issues with “Betting on Battlecrusiers”.

Blood Raider kills stopped counting towards the challenge. I am in a Gnosis. \o/

(Jon Anser) #66

The Agency challenges’ refresh timers are still really buggy. I’ve gotten into a situation where I cannot make progress on any of the challenges.

Bug Report ID: EBR-130960

(Rivr Luzade) #67

And before I forget it: The late Jamyl Sarum is still CEO of Emperor Family. Almost a year after her assassination and many months after the official coronation of Catiz Tash-Murkon.

(Tipa Riot) #68

Just docked, switched ships, undocked … and lost all signature progress. Do only 100% sigs be persisted?

(Guy Patrouette) #69

I believe that currently you lose signature progress (for fully scanned sigs as well) when you switch ships. According to a dev post, they are working on changing that.

(Tipa Riot) #70

Thought it was fixed … but I also randomly lose progress when jumping wormholes. Not always. It’s beyond me … how such a simple feature causes CCP so much trouble.

(Renee Frost) #71

Same here. It started with one challenge not registering anything yesterday. Today, nothing registers. Clearing cache does not work.

(Doublewhopper) #72

Move to plex vault is not working or doing anything on plexes listed in personal assets.

(Shosannah Dreyfus) #73

Had no problems so far, but just now no task is progressing or fulfilling.

(Aurora Weyland) #74

I have been having a crashing issue, using a brand new 2017 top spec Imac. The forum won’t let me post a screenshot of the crash error.

It has a small dialog window header reading:
Microsoft Visual C++
Runtime error!
Program c\tq\bin\exefile.exe
abnormal program termination

Any help with this, crashes like every hour or so.

(Mallico Snowrasis) #75

As of today I notice the wineserver on mac os x , is heavily writing to the disk . each launch will write some 50Gb to disk , resulting on a very long lading time and heavy lag on the system until the game is finaly launched , then every thing is back to normal .

I am running the game on a late 2013 Mac pro system , base model with 16gb ram .

other then this looking at my “Activity monitor” app. I am noticing that the entire game is build in 32Bit .

I do hope CCP dev do realized that oX hight Sierra will be the last version that will support 32bit app with out compromise (http#www#idownloadblog#com/2017/06/29/64-bit-requirement-for-mac-apps/) .

I would not be surprised that next year the next version up os 10.14 will not support 32bit apps at all . so in short you have 1 year to finally embrace 64bit app . I strongly suggest moving to 64bit , many other game )vendor did , and the game runs just better since they have . I am a ) developer also and personally I do not see the point of holding on 32bit build as every cpu are 64bits . even smart phones are now 64bits . not much any good reason really .

(Andrew Xadi) #76

Was DPS in FW missions increased 2 days ago? If so, why wasn’t there any info in patch notes and if not when can we expect a fix?

(Algathas) #77

I notice that now when you go to character customization that on the portrait screen the “lights” selection now only has different light angles. In the past it used to allow you to change the intensity and color of the lights. This feature is no longer present.

(Muffinmixer) #78

“Resolved an issue with NPCs repairing themselves. Burner NPCs found in Anomic missions are now working correctly.

I don’t know what you actually fixed there? The Burner Agent rats still have remarkably higher Shield/Armor HP which makes some of them incredibly difficult to break with single ships. The Serpentis Agent Daredevil is particularly bad, and the Archangel Agent Dramriels are also very dangerous especially since there are 4 of them in the Archangel Base mission.

(MzSmashEm Zateki) #79

There seems to be an issue with insurance for the Gnosis ship! I can only insure it for 4 isk? What the heck? This ship is like 20 million isk plus! Some systems it is more like 60 - 80 million isk!

(Frostys Virpio) #80

Insurance is based on build cost. Since the Gnosis is built out of a single unit of trit, the insurance will always be low.

(Nicola Arman) #81

This camera bug drives me nuts. I can almost never camera focus a citadel. It’s impossible to follow ships when they warp off too. Totally broken. Has been for a while :frowning: