August release - Issues reporting


(May'n Nome) #42

That is what I am thinking as well.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #43

Same here, but I did exploration with a pal. With anoying, weird ghost-signatures and anomalies…

(ACESsiggy) #44

Probe scanner window continuous to show anoms that have despawned.

(Tresa Humpalot) #45

For the love of god, which box do I need to check to remove these constant notifications about my standings with the rat cartels? STOP SPAMMING ME, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!

(May'n Nome) #46

On the bright side, you now know which faction you are ticking off!

(Tresa Humpalot) #47

Try multi-boxing with 3-4 accounts and the cacophony is just constant. I don’t even know if anyone cares every time their standings go down by 0.001. It’s annoying and it clutters my notification history.

(May'n Nome) #48

I was trying to find the silver lining. Try being someone who runs combat sites and trying to warp to a site that is obviously now despawned but has not refreshed at all by that point so you can’t warp to it!

(Zetakya) #49

It’s no longer possible to drag system names from either the autopilot or the system info pane into the chat box. Please tell me that you will revert this ASAP, as it makes tons of things needlessly more difficult.

(J Connrad) #50

Yep - this is all true. Hoping this is a bug rather than an unannounced Burner buff because I’ll bet a lot of very expensive ships died today.

(Andrew Xadi) #51

agents in station used to look like that:
now it’s
which makes it impossible to see agent level if the window is not wide enough
which wasn’t the case until last patch, please fix

CCPlease why are you making this less readable?
(Tipa Riot) #52

Which would be good actually.

(CCP Claymore) #53

We are working on a fix.

(CCP Claymore) #54

You can disable them in the Notification Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Standings Increase and Standings Decrease options

(Rivr Luzade) #55

Your notification system say “The Agency: 10 points achieved - Click here to view your progress”

But instead of opening the The Agency window, it opens the notification window where I cannot see my progress at all.

(Rivr Luzade) #56

Looking at Fortizars with my Nidhoggur is still broken. When I press C and click on a Fortizar, the camera moves away from my carrier and back in on my carrier but ti does not look towards the Fortizar.

(Andrew Gernander) #57

Ok, as long as it wasn’t just me.

A ship’s a ship. I was honestly a bit more irritated that the site didn’t de spawn after quitting the mission so I could loot the wreck. I put a bug report in for that bit.

(Kate Limelight) #58

They patch note, said that the combat sites have been fixed that used smart bombs, but it is still broken. Have a look please ty

(Rivr Luzade) #59

Another thing that has probably already been reported with the new beta map:

The mouse cursor covers the information that you want to know as it sits right above the data number under the system name.
The color gradient gate connections make it impossible to figure out information (see

and convey a wrong perception of information as color gradients are used to convey security status of an area and not data like player numbers in space.

(Persifonne) #60

That is a crazy new bug if it didnt despawn after you dropped mission from agent.

Can just fit like a punisher with stabs and max tank/repper and loot wreck then warp out

(Andrew Gernander) #61

RL obligations called, unfortunately so after waiting about 15 minutes for a despawn I filed bug then logged.

Cheap vengeance with modules dropped from ratting so I didn’t really lose anything I can’t regain in an afternoon.

My fault for playing on a patch day. :laughing: