August release - Issues reporting


(CCP Habakuk) #22

Thanks! I found it. (in other cases a bug report ID with be helpful, but I knew what to look out for).

(witchking42) #23

Cosmic signatures not persistent.

Scanned and bookmarked a site (in a wormhole) in cov-ops, dock in local Citadel, swap to Astero, undock and all sigs back at 0%.

(CCP Claymore) #24

Have added this to the known issues. This was initially By Design, but we are working on a fix for it.

(Andrew Gernander) #25

Dramiel Burner appears to be bugged. The fit I was using yesterday no longer works. The shield regen on the burner appears to have doubled. I don’t see anything in the patch notes about a change to the burners.

Occasionally I’ll see signatures on the scanner window but when I go to launch probes and scans it will say that no signatures are found.

No icons in area above capacitor for scram/web/etc effects after ejecting from ship and re-entering ship.

(Dubi0za) #26

Does anybody has a problem with probes and scaning after new patch. I mean, I can not pinpoint the sig using my probes. I see a sig, but I can not move my probes to be on it. When I turn camera, sig moves also and my probes are always on wrong place.

Is this intended, or is it something wrong?

(CCP Habakuk) #27


After investigating this font issue we found out that an upgrade of a 3rd party library seems to have caused this change to the kerning / spacing of numbers.
As this visual change was completely not intended by us we will investigate our options - both technically and also from a design point of view.

Thank you for your reports - otherwise this would have gone completely unnoticed. :smile:

(Trevor Dalech) #28

Signatures which you (partially) scan down, but which despawn while you are out of system will persist when you return, resulting in signatures in the probe scanning window which do not actually exist.

(Oraac Ensor) #29

The June Update graphics foul-up has still not been fixed.

(Kali Junmitar) #30

“iseedeadpeople”, right?:smiley:
now seriosly, couple of my friends also reported this issue, so +1

(May'n Nome) #31

Hi, I think I see other people reporting this as well so possible bug.

When I try to warp to Anomalies or scan down a Sig; I’ve had it where the probes won’t pick up anything even though they are right on top of the sig on the system map and for regular combat anomalies I will click some to warp to and be told there are no Scan Signatures detected.

(Tashii Sunji) #32

The new “kerning”, intentional or not, is a good idea. The numbers in big lists always had the tendency to mix together and become harder and harder to read the longer you stare at them.

Once the mis-alignment issues are fixed, I don’t see a problem with the prices being bigger and/or better spaced out.

Thanks for the answer, anyway :wink:

(Sky Marshal) #33

So I am not the only one to use the old map to reduce the workload of my computer.

In the future… Well, you should stop subscribing some of your accounts or prepare to leave the game if you can’t really do anything. No joking here, unfortunately.

CCP removed the Captain’s Quarters to free some dev time and I agree with that, but no way would they remake the good old “Load Station Environment” option, even if they know that depending of the gameplay of the player, disable the station can really upgrade the User eXperience. And spare our computers at the same time.

Personaly, before they removed this option, I had multiple accounts online all the time. Now I have to log out/log in all the time so that my computer remains cool. Pretty frustrating even with the launcher who remember passwords. If CCP have a UX specialist, he/she/they should be fired, as I don’t find the “UX” here nor in the “new” map.

Well, general tendancy in IT today is to evolve towards lesser, not towards better, just so they can say that they add changes…

(exiik Shardani) #34

6/10 DED second room (product park) gate is now locked, yesterday it was not lock. is it feature or bug?

and as well 10/10 DED Soran’s Passkey do not unlock gate.

(Leumas Selazenom) #35

Adding myself to the pile of people that use the old map so their system doesn’t have a stroke. The option still exists to disable the new map in the General Settings.

Though CCP, please don’t outright remove the old map or us on toasters are pretty buggered. 5-8 fps here when I use the new one and it increases the frequency of my already existing lockups.

(Min Mar) #36

When I use a custom formation by clicking the icon, the slider on the right does not jump to the size of the probes that I just threw out. I may have used 0.25 AU which is the size i used in the last system but it should be 8…

Obligatory “I hate the new forums, make them more compact and SFW”

(Sky Marshal) #37

No monospaced font ?


COME ON CCP… Now I see it all the time and it make me crazy. I can’t believe it fou

(HumpityDumpity Doo) #38

Signatures lost when changing ships. Useless upgrade to scanning for 80% of explorers don’t you think? Who thought up this feature?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #39

I’ve heard the anomic agents got sizable HP buffs.

(Sylvia Kildare) #40

I’m having an issue where on one or more of my 3 clients, anomalies that have been cleared are sometimes (not always) staying on the probe window. Even if I de-filter anoms and re-filter for anoms, the despawned anomaly will sometimes persist for several minutes.

And yeah, the kerning/font issue is really annoying. numbers are causing all sorts of different wrap issues, my bookmarks window is not showing all the same data it used to… was going to change column widths to try and adjust, but if this is seen as an issue, I hope CCP will be reverting to old font kerning/spacing, CCPlsssss. Miss the old numbers everywhere (from login screen to in space to overview to bookmarks window to wallet to market–everywhere!)…

(Sylvia Kildare) #41

That anomaly is gone. that’s the same error I’m getting when an anomaly gets stuck on my probe window for one or more clients. it’s dead, Jim. Your probe window just doesn’t know it yet.

Probably a bug related to the persistent 100% scanned down signatures feature.