Aurum Federation (AU196) WH Corp

Aurum Federation is recruiting players interested in wormhole living.

New Players and Alpha Clones welcome!

We operate in a Class 2 wormhole with High-Sec and C3 Statics. Plenty of content for pve / pvp’ers and industrialists alike. Decent PI, access to half a dozen P3 tier in system.

We are looking for:
-Active pilots that want to live in a wormhole.
-Adaptable pilots that are ready for the daily discovery of what wormholes bring.
-US Time Zone Pilots
-Pilots willing to take directions and guidance.

We can offer:
-Buyback program
-Wormhole life training.
-Fleet Ops
-Dynamic and fun play-style.

We use Discord for communication.

A Full API Key is required during recruitment.

Contact us in-game for more information and join our Recruitment Channel: Aurum Federation Recruitment.

Friendly bump.




It says to join your recruitment channel but you didnt tell the name of it, and your corp description in game doesnt link the channel either :slight_smile:

Interested to talk to you about possible alliance maybe can help you out some what.

^ Thank you this has been updated.

Also… bump! We got a great mining fleet tonight!


Bump! We have moved to a class 2 wormhole! Be sure to check us out.

Hey we chatted recently about some stuff via discord, I have finished the big work project now so if you are still interested we can have a chat and update you on what is going on and the new goals etc i think their will be some beneficial stuff for your corpies for sure.

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