Aurum Federation AU196 - C2 Wormhole Corp

Hello and welcome to the Aurum Federation!

We are an active C2 Wormhole Corp with a High Sec and a C3 static. PvE oriented but enjoy going on roams to spend our isk!

We are looking for:
-Pilots interested in wormhole life. Alpha and new players welcome!
-Pilots that enjoy a dynamic play style.
-Active players in the North American Time Zones.

We offer:
-Ore and Blue Loot buyback.
-Wormhole life training.
-T1 Haul Replacement when doing roams.

Join our recruitment channel in game for more information! Chat Channel invite can be found in our in-game corp page.

Full API key required as part of recruitment.

Hope to fly with you in our little slice of space.

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