Aus tz corps

New alpha toon looking for aus tz corporation to join and help guide me through new eden to an omega player

We’re the help

We would like to offer our time and aid to any who would seek it. We are a community of EVE players, with a varying range of game experience, who are happy to help others in their pursuits. We actively answer questions that you raise with us and will aim to point you in the best direction possible for what interests you.

We offer career advice, recruitment suggestions and gameplay mechanics. We do not claim to be experts, however we have a passion for EVE online and would like to aid in not only bringing more players to this universe, but keeping them here as well.

If you are interested and would like to introduce yourself, feel free to join the link below. Say hello on our discord and state your business so that we can help you ASAP.

Best of luck and have a good one.

Check out Event Horizon Expeditionaries. I am not part of their organization, however I know their leadership and they are good in that timezone.

Otherwise, ExDominion is active across the board with a few social AUTZ onboard.

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