Auto fire

It takes so long to target and fire on the targets. Can you make auto fire option to make it easier ? You can make it a high power module like auto target or a free option for all.

Edit: after thinking it is a bad idea to make auto fire ( look to the posts )

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Is Eve PVE too tough, pressing all those buttons?


Great idea!
Will be quite entertaining at trade hubs and such!

This has to be a troll

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I am literally waiting for that weeping angel to turn into one of the Doctor Who versions… :grimacing:

By design.

If they made it easier they would need to reduce the reward. Many of us argue that the ISK faucet from bounties is already extreme and they either need to make the content more challenging or reduce the payout. I personally would like to see aggressive mode removed from drones.

There is an auto target high slot module as well as auto-targeting missiles of various sizes and flavors.

is it a joke? a troll?
next step: “it takes so long to scan and hack relic sites, can you make autoscan and autohack options to make it easier?”


Totally with the op here, I mean it takes so long for my wallet to fill; cant we have an autofill wallet option so i dont have to undock and do stuff?


no not troll. and really?! auto scan and auto hacking. it is like giving you a puzzle then you say to me solve it. auto fire is not like auto hacking or auto scan. auto fire dont need any thinking just pressing buttons. if auto fire is troll then auto targeting is troll and any auto is a troll either.

really guys autofill wallet ?! it is just a suggestion and like what i said

and not like autofill wallet.
i really dont know what is wrong with auto fire if there is auto target, auto aiming and auto moving ? in fact many things in fights are auto.

If it’s taking too long to target the enemies, you need to fit sensor boosters and signal amplifiers. Ship fitting is a series of compromises.

Plus, autofire would be really bad if you had friendlies locked for remote repairs or other boosts, or (less so) if you were salvaging while still engaging hostiles.


you are right. i did not think about that

you know, auto-target module ALREADY EXISTS. I often enough use it for that +3 max target locks it provides…

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Didn’t think of this one… true, afk mining is getting hit pretty hard - and for good reasons if you ask me.

So long as you just keep looking at it you’ll be fine… just, you know, for the love of < deity of choice > do NOT stop looking at it!!!

I’d suggest working in shifts with someone so you can get some sleep… maybe :anguished:


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I have not taken my eye off that image since it was posted… I have Siri dictate to and from for me.

And to make matters worse I made the mistake of doubling them…

My eyeballs are so dry, I don’t know how much longer I can last… :flushed:

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