Auto-Fit on Purchase

For a convenience fee, your modules would be fit to your ship as you buy the modules as long as you are in a ship.

For Frigs to Dessies - 500k isk
Cruisers - 1.5 mil isk
BC - 2.5 mil isk
BS - 2.75 mil isk
Dreds - 5.0 mil isk
Carriers (sub) - 7.5 mil isk
Faux - 8.0 mil isk
Carriers (supers) - 8.5 mil isk
Titan - 10 mil isk.

The Auto-Fit would allow for faster fit up times for emergency situations such as a Cruiser Defense Fleet.

I disagree with this as a default.

Perhaps the option to purchase a fit for the ship you are in.

Can you imagine the PITA for traders or people who aren’t buying fittings for the ship they are in?

There’s an option to auto fit if you have everything in the hangar for that fit.

I think there’s no point in that, as y can open a saved fit,and just click buy all button. After, y can right-click bought ( or stored ship) and use multifit button and voila!!

I don’t see it, especially because I think OP was implying “in a ship” in space!

Unload without docking
Fit without docking

All we need is load without docking and we can eliminate a lot of stations…


Its about giving the player options. They can buy a saved fit and have it immediately fit to their ship, auto-fit by clicking a button or fitting the modules one at a time.

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