What are Autothesians?
I see them often, sometimes on gates and sometimes in asteroid belts. Once in a while they hang around NPC stations as well. They appear in red in the Overview but they do not attack and CONCORD does not attack them so why are they in red? Who are they?

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They are the jovian race. You’ll see them if you see a jove observatory on overview.

They can pod you if a tyranno appears.
The lancers are weak to EM damage.


Will be able to give you the full history of them.

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They basically just roam around scanning stuff and collecting corpses. Usually they won’t attack unless provoked or if they scan a corpse in your cargohold.

@DeMichael_Crimson @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras @Chan_aar
Thank you… Had no idea they were Jovians!

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so i misspoke, they are not jovians per se, but drifters/seekers… but they can be located anywhere a jove observatory is.
this should help give you some better info about them.


Bummer. Where are the Jovians? I’d like to see them.

I read about the Jovians and their troubles. I was just wondering if they’re ONLY in Jove space. Can we go to Jove space? If NO then why have them in the game?

only devs have access to joves.

What’s the point?

Jovians were the lore reason/excuse for the devs and their devs space. Back in the day all DEV characters were actually Jovian with very different avatars. They just created the lore around that.


a good rule of thumb is to attack them for the sweet loot they carry


@Aisha_Katalen @Imperial_Doctor_Yoshun Thank you.

I’ve heard two versions:

One is they are connected to the Drifters. They are often seen in close proximity to drifter ships.

The other, is they are left over from a now long dead civilization.

Either way they are VERY powerful. Only seen their wrecks twice.

Thanks. I haven’t seen an Autothesian wreck yet.
So that’s why they’re in red in the Overview, lets us know not to mess with them.

thats about to change in caldari space… i think im gonna switch gears when im not helping raise standings, to hunting the lancers…

Let me know how that works out for you.

oh i can kill the lancers in less than 10 min…

Sounds like fun. I’ll try it when I have more skills and experience under my belt.