Autothysians on high sec gates

Years ago when these were introduced a drifter battleship would come to their aid and blow you up if you engaged them. Does that still happen? I am finding a lot in my area while running missions in a marauders, but don’t want to bastion while fighting them on a gate if that drifter guy is going to doomsday me.


  • Autothysians don’t scram. They drop around 2 million each with a chance for about 4 million if antikytherian element drops
  • Drifters do scram and show up as revenge - sometimes
  • If you engage them on a gate, you can jump through to escape.
  • Drifter won’t doomsday unless you attack it and strip away the shields.
  • If you are not on a gate, you can end up pinned down and destroyed. Fighting back against the Drifter battleship will likely be fatal

AFAIK it’s still the case although I’m not 100% sure. Those are not the kind of “let’s see if it’s less deadly this time” kinds of situations :joy:

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I don’t enjoy giving out this information, because I would rather see people’s dank kill reports :smiley:

But since you asked, you will kill the cruisers, but later on the scary stuff will spawn in the system and find you no matter where you are, they have a memory and they will remember you for quite some time

Try it and find out. A simple experiment will yield more accurate results than asking random forum people.


It still happens - shoot lancers and drifters will show up and doomsday you. Is how I lost my loki not so long ago :smiley:


relevant reading:


Ive managed to kill a trio of lancers in systems that are not my home system, go back and loot them without a drifter coming.

After i learned how they worked and i was DD after encountering them the first time

Yeah, they don’t come instantly.

They don’t come instantly, but they come unpredictably.

They added jovian navigation thingies to jove observatories in event to discover gates to zarzach before fanfest. I’ve collected some 150 of the thingies without killing lancers. They warp around system alot an not always present at observatories. I would tank them until entosis cycled off, rewarp in 5 min. But eventually they came with drifter buddies.

They dont DD you right away though, you need to aggress them and strip the overshield. They come in pairs and they scram, so there’s that.

Slight Necro here so my apologies.

As a person who hunts Drifters, killing the lancers are rather easy. They do hit harder than a typical highsec rat so i typically hunt for the spawns in a T3C for the sake of faster travel. Spawn in groups of up to 5, no scram, nothing too nasty.

After they’re dealt with, ~15 minutes later, Drifters spawn and begin to roam. Typically its Cassandra(cruiser with DD) which in a well tanked Marauder shouldn’t pose much threat. Ive seen up to 4 in a group with 1 or 2 lancers in support.

Occasionally, Battleships show up. They do point, they do hurt, snd they do Doomsday. I dont think the highsec ones are as bad, as i theory craft based on Pochven Polemarkos Battleships. But needless to say, you will likely need a mobile depot with a refit to buffer to tank said doomsday, then back to active.

With that said, there are ways to avoid the death ray…but whats the fun in that?

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