Drifter battleships in high security space

Hello guys, i was afk in ashab and 2 drifter battleships destroyed my tengu in high security space.
arent those drifters passive unless provoked? or attacked or at least targeted first?
why me of all the people in Ashab?
can someone please explain this? is that a bug?
i did report it to CCP though but they said they cannot reimburse my ship…
how is that possible???

Did you go to the Unidentified Wormhole or to the Jove Observatory in the system?

Did you engage any Autothysian Lancers?

Any of those actions can invite Drifter aggro. If not then :woman_shrugging:.

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Excellent story would definately read again.


in systems with jovian observatories or unidentified wormholes there is a chance for drifter patrol including battleships. They may fire at capsuleers unprovoked.

Drifters and their drones (lancers) will attack you unprovoked if you have a meat popsicle (corpse) in your cargo.



You explained it yourself in your first sentence.


Drifters tend to be a bit twitchy on their trigger finger. I recommend paying attention to your surroundings so you can minimize ship losses.

Most likely was holding a corpse in cargo as it was already mentioned.

So you admit to be in violation of the Code? Agent Artemis Tyrannos just did his job.


This is actually (also) what makes EVE a great game.
A player comfortable in his own understanding of the game, got a free education from a group of NPCs.

There is a life lesson in there somewhere.

Dont sleep on the streets - you might get robbed?

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