Drifter aggro

Returning recently I decided to do some ratting, I saw some things called Autothysian Lancers. Decided to shoot them. Saw that I wasn’t doing as much damage as I’d expect so warped out.

I asked in help chat and was told that once they aggro on you they will hunt you down continually. Is this true? Is there any way to deaggro them that doesn’t involve letting them pop you? Will they move from system to system?

I quite like the system I found as it has a lot of asteroid belts, but I also don’t want one of them shivving me in the back so…

Tip- Preliminary investigations show the Autothysian Lancers will continue to aggress you until they destroy a ship your character owns. If you accidentally engage them and survive the initial encounter board a cheap frigate and let them destroy it. Authothysian lancers cannot be scanned down but they can be attracted to your position if you enter within 50km of a Jove Observatory (only do this to sacrifice a ship). Once they destroy your ship that character will be cleared from aggressor status and you will no longer be targeted by roaming patrols. A frigate or larger ship is suggested as a corvette is not typically engaged by Autothysian lancers, even if your character is on their aggro table.


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Would a free Corvette work ?

Nope afaik.

You could also ask someone to destroy them. I kill them when I see them as long as they don’t have a tyranno with them.

It says w corvette wouldn’t work in what was quoted.

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Quote says no. You need at lest t1 frigate.

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No Corvette then, sorry I missed that in the quote :blush:

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Some friends tend to hunt them.
Usually not such an issue as long as there are no Tyrannous NPCs about with them as they are MUCH MUCH tougher and do way more damage!
If there are Unknown Wormhole beacons in system (on OV) then often you may find if you aggress the Lancers then they will get back up help from much nastier Cruisers/Battleship drifters.
those may also then decide to station camp you in and try to get you for some time after.
Seems they have long memories as friend said they were still trying to get them 2 hrs later … even after they had jumped thru 2 other systems done stuff and then eventually come back.

Sound like more BS CCP content to make more things go boom to me !

Drifters where introduced in 2015. Lancers where in hisec at lest since end of 2016 (time when I started playing)…

The named Drifters in triglavian space are absolutely insane.
2000+ damage at 320km range.

Only the BS, the cruisers (Navarkos, Metis, Agreus) are no threat above 250-270.

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I didn’t recognize named Drifters in cruisers.
I did notice Metis once, but believe he/she was in a battleship at that time.


I recall initially Lancers were pretty timid things … not much dps and easy to pop tho not worth the time as no loot, no bounty and usually no salvage apart from maybe the odd scrap metal.
Then CCP buffed them and now they alone can deal pretty good dps and tank well.
Plus CCP also added drifter support response. NPCs that will station camp you in for god knows how long and seems now they also will gate camp.

I had a friend lose his new catalyst he just got from one of the starter packs by firing at a lancer in an asteroid belt.
He was out to shoot 5 NPCs for free SPs … saw it was red … locked and fired … he lasted about 5 secs and didn’t wanna play again for a week tho I persuaded him to log a support ticket and he eventually got his pride and joy back and has been more careful with it since (as a side he didn’t understand why miners would warp out when he landed in the belts to shoot npcs with it … I had to explain they’re often used these days as ganking miner ships :joy: )

To be fully precise, Metis and Agreus are not really “named”, but Assault and Scout drifters. The only really named and little brother of Polemarkos is Navarkos.

That makes no sense to me.
There’s tons of named Drifters out there.

Please don’t misuse quotation marks like this?

I’m talking about Povchen only, Navarkos and Polemarkos have their own named ship types. Metis and Agreus don’t. Iirc the other k/w-space named drifters also have own ship types, don’t they?

Just like I am. I don’t know about the rest of space.
Of highsec I only remember Artemis. Probably saw some other, but I forgot.

I don’t understand why you keep saying Metis doesn’t have his own named ship …
… when I’ve seen Metis hanging out in trigspace with his sleeper friends.

Because it uses an Assault Drifter Cruiser as ship (Scout for Agreus). Not sure if “Metis” is then a description or name.

In Hi sec the ones I see about are Artemis Tyrannos and Apollo Tyrannos which look to always be a BS drifters and then Cassandra Tyrannos in a drifter cruiser. Seems there is also a male equivalent named Orion Tyrannos which I haven’t seen tho a friend recalls seeing one camping a station in hi sec with some lancers and a couple of Cassandra’s a while back.
Looks like these Cruiser class drifters came along about March 2018