Can authothysian lancers scan down corpses from within courier wraps?

If someone courier contracts a corpse and a lancer scans the courier, will they detect the corpse and attack the courier?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lancers attack people who held Corpses in their cargohold in my 6+ years of EVE Online. I’ve heard the rumor, but it’s most likely just a rumor (or remainders of from old mechanic that isn’t active anymore).

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i don’t recall hearing about it either… then again i don’t carry corpses when i see lancers… i carry EM missiles to kill the lancers.

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Most of my ships have a few corpses in cargo at any given time. Never had any hassle from lancers.

I think it’s Drifters rather than lancers that are rumored to attack ships with corpses.

Of course, Drifters attack nearly everything so I have no idea how to test that theory.


As long as you travel in a normal manner (no autopilot!), they are not fast enough to scan you down AND attack you. But if you are afk travelling, Autothysian Lancers are not your biggest problem…

I think you might be overestimating the speed and agility of a freighter.

Even then a paper fitted slow freighter is a sin and a risk anyway.

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