How to get rid Lancerts aggro

I accidental sent my drones at them from my Hulk, then retracted them.
This was yesterday and they still aggro me, so i have to warp out every time they come in the belt.
What i heard now what i can do, and not all is tested out yet.
Offer them a cheap T1 frig, i did try this but they would not aggro me in it.
I will now try a cruiser after downtime.

Some say they stop aggro after downtime
Some say they take 3 days to loose aggro
and some say they will also take my pod, after the ship ?

Can someone please tell what is the correct infor from aggro the Lancerts in the belts ?

I killed some (until the really bad guys came), then I docked up. After some days everything was fine again.
So no sacrifice needed but time. Try another system, Iā€™d say.


What is linked and written here now is what i know, and no clear answer for them.
The first link tells they chase you, well they did not chase me so i think that could be other type of drifters.

I have tried google them, and there is tons of answers, including the ones from CCP is not clear how you loose aggro from them.

According to what is linked, once they kill you, you lose aggro. Undock in a shuttle and no implants

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Undock in a free corvette, find one of the lancers, shoot it, let them kill you.


Ok for both of the last answers.
Undocking in a shuttle did not aggro them
Undocking in a corvette did not also aggro them
Looks like they dont like cheap ships lol
Will they pod ?

Then get in a battleship and destroy the lancers. I routinely destroy them before anything else shows up in my raven

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