Killed while ratting Autothysian Lancer

I was doing some casual ratting in hi sec. I ran across a couple of Autothysian Lancers. On the first go I wasn’t doing too bad but they got into my structure so I decided to leave, repair up, and go back. I hadn’t taken the first encounter too seriously and thought I could take them. So I preheated my weapons and went back in. They blew me out of the sky in about 10 seconds from 68 km away. I never had a chance.

Is there a place where I can look up NPC fits or how to get a clue as to whether I can take them?

You can take them. But they are able to kill/pod you. They are among the only few NPC’s who can actually pod you. If you see something other than Autothysian Lancer, do not approach, or provoke.

EM is the best offense against them. My T2 Precision Cruise missiles makes quick work of them.

Edit: Here is some info on drifters.

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but are they really even worth bothering with…

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I need the practice. Still getting the hang of manual piloting, watching my angular velocity etc. I’d been picking off Sansha’s Scavengers using just one gun so I wouldn’t finish them off too quickly. I was itching for a bit more of a fight. I was actually doing well the first time probably because they ignored me until I was orbiting and shooting at them. I also used my ECM on them – first time I had used it.

Second time I didn’t get anywhere near my range. So, I guess the lesson is if you don’t finish them off the first time forget it.

I lost a ship but, yeah it was worth the lesson.

yea they don’t do anything if you ignore them. Just be careful if you see Tyranno’s etc… do not engage… they have omni damage and doomsday…

No, they will not pod you. The only Enemies I know of that will actually pod you are Triglavians (Abyssal Pockets) and Players. Perhaps Drifters in their WH systems.

When engaged they usually warp in another wave of Autothysian Lancers but there is also a chance a drifter battleship will warp in. Note that they - unlike other NPCs - will pod players.

unless they changed it, and EVEuni needs to be updated.

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