Autothysian Lancer questions


Can I take the pack of 3-4 of these guys in low sec using a glass cannon destroyer or frig?

I plan to orbit at 1000km and “speed tank” them.

What about the BS that will come? how much dps will I need to break its tank?

Will they web/scram me?

Thanks in advance!

Autothysians are more likely to just spawn more Autothysians than you will get a BS spawn, but if you do get one you’re doomed unless you can kill it before it fires it’s mini-DD weapon, this will kill any BS, the only known ships to survive a hit from their DDs is pure tank marauders but good luck killing them with the little dps you will have with such a fit.

I don’t think Autothysians will web/scram you, they just have extreme dps for a bunch of cruisers…

Thanks for the quick response!

Is it worth for me just to kill the Autothysians loot them and get out when/if the BS comes?

What will they drop anyways?

They drop a material Antikythera Element that are used in the production of Entosis Links.


I hope you know that cerberus trick, when you kite drifters from 200 km range… I think you have much better chance to win that way, than in a speed tanking destroyer

I don’t think that works anymore, I believe the Drifters were altered to have 500km scram range.

They were dropin blue loot as well but that was some time ago i didn’t shoot em after CCP butchered loki subsystems.

If engaging 4-5 of them with reinforce wave of few more i was looking to 15mil in loot not counting antykitty element.

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