[AUTZ] Farmers Union Iced Coffee is recruiting!

Farmers Union Iced Coffee [FUIC] is a corp for EVE Online players from Australia and New Zealand who enjoy a laid back and fun environment. We are active Aussie and Kiwi pilots living across HS and WH space.

What we offer:

  • Supportive members and leaders, who actively generate content and help get new players started.
  • A casual social environment, meaning you can play EVE your way - without expectations or drama.
  • PVP content across New Eden and Anoikis with small gang roams, ESS shenanigans, and black ops drops.
  • C5 and C3 farming.
  • Access to cheap HS industry facilities in Domain.

We are looking for players who are:

  • from Australia and New Zealand, but also others who may fit with our corp in other ways
  • mature, and able to work in a constructive way
  • able to join us in voice chat on Discord and TeamSpeak, and can communicate clearly
  • able operate independently and also work in small and large groups.
  • able to fit well and can engage with our laid back community.
  • able to fly our doctrines, or willing to train.
  • able to submit for a full ESI check

If this sounds like you, jump in our public Discord channel for a chat with our recruiters:

FUIC DIscord: Farmers Union Iced Coffee

Note: We are actually quite passionate about iced coffee and dairy products generally.

It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, or it’s nothing.



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