[AUTZ] Farmers Union Iced Coffee


Farmer’s Union Iced coffee is an AUTZ corporation with members from Western Australia to New Zealand and everywhere in between. Our members are active capsuleers and enjoy EVE Online in a laid-back and fun environment with variety of opportunities for intrepid pilots

What we offer:

  • PVP - roams, ESS, BLOPS, evictions, WH defense, and more. Focus on WH and NS fights.
  • PVE - C5 ratting, explo, gas, indy among the vast riches of wormhole space.
  • A casual social environment, with the freedom to play the game your way.
  • Supportive mates among our members and leaders, who actively seek content and shoot advice to players who want to grow.

We are looking for players who are:

  • Active in the AUTZ prime
  • Mature and constuctive
  • Comfortable with Discord, TS3, used during all ops.
  • An independent spirit and a team player.
  • Have the skillpoints to manage WH life.
  • Avid Pathfinder and PYFA users
  • Full ESI check is completed as part of process. Not negotiable.

If this sounds like you, jump in our discord server for a yarn.

FUIC Discord: Farmers Union Iced Coffee
Note: We are actually quite passionate about iced coffee and dairy products generally.

It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, or it’s nothing.

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