[AUTZ] It's a Farmers Union Iced Coffee or it's nothing

Right, listen up mates.

Farmers Union Iced Coffee is now recruiting - once established in South Australia in 1977, we’ve decided to make the move to New Eden and market the popular brand of Iced Coffee to all major trade hubs.

We’re Australian, true blue through and through. Not only are we an AUTZ corp but we’re based in Straya Post - an AUTZ alliance in null-sec and we want you immigrate to our wonderful island nation.

As a corp, we pride ourselves on our community and encourage anyone new to come talk to us about anything for a while to see if we click! We’re transparent on our own goals and discuss openly our directions and we help ensure all members as well have a direction they’re working towards.


  • You must be willing to have dairy products in your ships at all times
  • Discord
  • No Spai


  • You love shooting ■■■■
  • You love building ■■■■
  • You love exploring ■■■■
  • You love ganging up on ■■■■
  • You’ve got a sense of humour and desire a bunch of larrikins to do that ■■■■ with

We offer:

  • Life in NullSec
  • Regular alliance fleets (inc structure bashing), small gang roams, filaments, and wormhole diving
  • Plenty of industry opportunity with allied moon pops, PI, and mining ops
  • Plenty of combat sites (Die Sansha scum)
  • Pathfinding from HS to pocket
  • Salvage buyback program and in-alliance markets
  • A bloody good time in comms

Even CCP has endorsed the prize winning iced coffee in New Eden

To non-corp members as well, we also offer DRP (Dairy Replacement Programs) to those that have recently lost dairy products in New Eden and offer to replace them with a Farmers Union Iced Coffee at a trade hub. Terms & Conditions apply.

Discord: https://discord.gg/pK7z3yv

In-Game Chat: Join 'FUIC Pub’

EVE Mail: Statham Drien or Edon Cursed

Remember… It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee or it’s nothing.

Testimonial incoming:

I joined FUIC a few weeks back and have had blast with the team there. As a relatively new player I have found them to be very welcoming, and more than happy to share knowledge on all aspects of the game.

Best bit for me has been the alliance fleets, getting out there multiple times per week to drop on nerds. Experienced pilots have been teaching me the art of tackle, and providing plenty of opportunity to practice! I even got the opportunity to FC my first small gang today, supported my corp and some alliance mates we got a dank frag and made it home safe!

If you’re an Aussie not finding regular content with your multi-TZ corp, you will find what you looking for with the Union.

Join today!!!

From our member Ablau Endashi - recently Farmers Union Iced Coffee has been searching for secret recipes around space to improve our dairy products.

Here we have one of our brave pilots checking some old Sansha Ruins to see if they left any ingredients or relics that can be be used.

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Another from our member Ablau Endashi this time showing off our fleet of highly trained and highly armed couriers that are ready to deliver and distribute our delicious Farmers Union Iced Coffee to all the different tuck shops around New Eden.

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From pilot N00bsuxx0r after diplomatic talks on one of the planets that we’re now supplying Farmers Union Iced Coffee to for their corner store. The inhabitants have all rejoiced at the new product line available to them.

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Here we see one of our T1 exploration friagates under the wing of one of our T2 exploration frigates as we have our union member N00bsuxx0r show someone the ropes on how to hack those valuable recipes out from data sites.

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From Union Member Ablau Endashi showing our force against a planet who only supplies their inhabitants with Dare Iced Coffee - as sometimes a showing of force is needed when it comes to planets who subject their residents without having a choice of Iced Coffee brands.

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Union Member Ablau Endashi shows off one of the planets that we have filled in it’s entirety with dairy cows. These cows are working around the clock to keep a consistent source of milk flowing. They’re cared for and looked after by the most professional of dog sitters that we could afford.

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Union Member N00bsuxx0r managed to track down a rare mining belt in New Eden made primarily of molten caramel, having invested some time into modifying gas harvesting equipment we’ve been able to convert them to harvest liquids in space. Obtaining such liquids have been vital to future flavour endeavours for our milk.