AUTZ - Farmers Union Iced Coffee now recruiting!

Farmers Union Iced Coffee [FUIC] is a corp for EVE Online players from Australia and New Zealand who enjoy a laid back and fun environment. Currently about 25 active Aussie and Kiwi members.

What we offer:

  • Supportive members and leaders, who generate content and help get new players started.
  • We have settled into a new home on the borders between High Sec and Low Sec space, close to trade and mission hubs.
  • HS/LS group PVE- Missions, Anomalies, Exploration, Abyssals and Event Sites.
  • LS PVP - Small gang roams, ganking and gate camps.
  • NS/WH PVP - Joining up with our mates in the AUTZ community for whaling fleets and other fun stuff

We are looking for players who are:

  • from Australia and New Zealand, but also others who may fit with our corp in other ways
  • mature, and able to work in a constructive way
  • able to join us in voice chat on multiple platforms, and can communicate clearly
  • able operate independently and also work in small and large groups.
  • able to fit well and can engage with our laid back community.

If this sounds like you, jump in our public Discord channel for a chat with our recruiters:

  • Isaac Kael
  • Asvarten Birn

FUIC DIscord: Farmers Union Iced Coffee

Note: We are actually quite passionate about iced coffee and dairy products generally.

It’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee, or it’s nothing.

FUIC has restored at least some of my faith in this game. We are a bunch of fun, mature guys looking to make EVE more an enjoyable experience for players both newbro and bittervet, and less of a 2nd job that you have to pay to work at. If you are on the dark side of the server (DT) and are looking for adventure in the hours before and after the daily restart then you should consider coming along and having a chat with us on our discord server.

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We also hold our ground against war declarations and make swift work of our opponents…

Grab a Farmer’s Union today!

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