FUIC recruiting!

After a hiatus, FUIC are back on the hunt for keen pilots wanting to join an active, skilled but not too serious corp on the AU/NZ timezone.

FUIC are part of the Straya Post alliance and after going through a few recent changes we are opening up our doors to recruiting once again.

As a corp we have spent several years in Nullsec but we have just settled in a new home in High Sec with entry points in low sec, and yes we actively look for content.

What we are looking for:

  • Players from Australia and New Zealand, but also others who may fit with our corp in other ways.
  • Players who are mature, and able to work in a constructive way.
  • Players who are able to join us in voice chat on multiple platforms, and can communicate clearly.
  • Players who can operate independently and also work in small and large groups.
  • Players who fit well and can engage with our laid back community.

What we offer:

  • An experienced playerbase across all facets of the game. Your level of experience isn’t a requirement.
  • Active PVP content as small gang roams in low sec as well being a part of larger blue fleets.
  • Active discord with a healthy balance of fleet pings, helpful advice and shitposting.
  • ISK generation through organised PVE fleets.

Unlike other AUTZ corps we are not aligned with any of the big bloc sov kids. We are proudly 100% Aussie owned and love our Dairy Products.

Aussie players looking for a more laid back but active corp come say hi on our discord!

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