[AUTZ] Hell Too: Factional Warfare Industry

Factional Warfare loves frigate fights :slight_smile: So, no, you’d fit right in!

Hit me up on Discord for more info

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Looking forward to the next Sydney meet up!


where u live ? Where is the base of indy/manifacturing ?

We generally reside within LowSec (Black Rise and Placid regions) but have some Null space as well.

What is it you’re interested in @Cpt_McRoid_s?

The Gallenete Federation has taken too much of the Caldari States oppression. The war effort has been renewed and the advancement stops now.
Alsavoinon as been recaptured as a statement to this effect and represents the renewed stance of the Federation and it’s Militia forces.

The tide has turned, come help with the renewed war effort!

We’re looking for industrial pilots to help supply the front lines and combat pilots to help with the warzone push.

Message me for more information.

Another two systems claimed in the name of the Federation this weekend:

  • Covryn
  • Iges

Come join in the push to get further in to Tier 2 and beyond.

A couple of quiet days krabbing and hauling, time to get more involved again for the next couple of nights, then down to Sydney for the next EVe Meet :smiley:


Another weekend, another system flipped to the Federations control (I was away this weekend so wasn’t involved :frowning: ):

  • Intaki

Now’s the time to get in on the fighting whilst both sides are nearing an equilibrium.