[AUTZ] Hell Too: Factional Warfare Industry

Welcome to: Hell Too, a Factional Warfare Industrial corporation

Hell Too YC121 ad

Our journey started small and industrial focused with a few members and growing to the prosperous industrial corporation that we are today, producing all sizes of structures, ships, modules and consumables. After growing in numbers and scope last year, we began looking for the next challenge, something that fit in well with our industry experience, and found that in Factional Warfare.

Since joining Villore Accords [GMVA], one of the oldest and most stalwart Factional Warfare alliances within the ongoing struggle between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State, we have been using our industrial power to assist those in the warzone, and beyond, whilst feeding our internal growing war machine also. We hold sovereignty over a small constellation of systems within close proximity to the warzone. This space allows us access to excellent manufacturing and resource gathering opportunities, whilst keeping us close to the ever changing warzone.

We have been actively growing our experience and involvement in the ongoing struggle against the Caldari State, whether it is solo, small gang or larger fleets, all whilst enjoying the renewed focus and purpose we have for our industrial efforts.

If the industrial side of New Eden interests you, or you would like to jump in to the warzone with us, we’re looking for new recruits to help grow our corporation. We are a group of predominantly AUTZ pilots (though we do have members from other time zones) and offer training, industry facilities (including access to an extensive BPO/BPC library) and other benefits helping you become as self-sufficient as possible. Our aim is to continue to grow the corporation and its pilots through internally means, as much as possible, and strive to reduce any and all obstructions to getting you in to the career/s that interest you.

Please message “Raker Plaude” ingame, or “Raker Plaude#4943” on Discord for more information.

Still looking for any active industrially minded or factional warfare pilots to assist!

Any AUTZ pilots looking to get in to the GalMil warzone?

Want to help a frantic and focused industrial machine trying to keep up with the relentless fights and explosions happening all around the border systems between Gallente and Caldari systems?

Please message “Raker Plaude” ingame, or “Raker Plaude#4943” on Discord for more information.

Getting some more action, come and help push back the warzone border against the Caldari invaders!

A long overdue bump!

We’ve been getting in to the new Invasion content as well as continuing the defense against the ever increasing Caldari State bullies.

Another successful mining operation last night

The warzone has been heating up, and there’s a heap of offensive fleets up in the AUTZ for any budding FW pilots.

Come help stoke the Factional Warfare fires, our blueprint library has 667 unique fully researched blueprints (and plenty of others still being researched up)