[AUTZ] Hell Too: Factional Warfare Industry

Station quarantine: Day 20

The end is in sight. A recent message from the communications contractor confirmed that tomorrow the re-patching shall be completed. Due to an on-planet viral outbreak, and ensuing panic, I was afraid that this day may never come.

And not a moment too soon, the Caldari State militia forces have been fighting back hard and we need all pilots onboard for this final push through the capturing of the remaining three Caldari-held systems.

Any pilots looking to join in with this effort, get in touch with me, we need all the help that we can.

Raker out.


I am now able to undock without fear of ridiculous sensor and camera drone delays. The past 72 hours have been incredible, both just getting back out in to space after being holed up for so long, but also in the historical victory achieved: The Liberation of Kurala

The historical home for many long-term Caldari pilots was taken, and the two adjacent Caldari-held star systems. This was a fantastic effort from all those involved and was great fun. The Hell Too pilots were working overtime to ensure that ships, fittings and ammunition were in plentiful supply.

One more system remains until the Gallente control the entire warzone once again, come join Hell Too and the fight for this momentous goal.

Gallente Liberation of all Caldari held systems

Last night heralded the culmination of over 6 months of hard work. After being beaten down by the Caldari forces and having the number of systems controlled by the Gallente Militia reduced to only a handful, the brave capsuleers of the Federal Defense Union and aligned corporations and alliances banded together to seek retribution.

The final system, Enaluri, was captured at approximately 1330, taking the number of Gallente held systems up to 101 out of 101. The fighting was fierce in the lead up to the iHub capture and many pilots were caught whilst trying to evac prized ships and possessions:

If you’d like to join in with one of the Gallente Militia’s finest industrial corporations, please get in touch with myself…

The Fight Intensifies

After taking in and completing some large and urgent orders for fitted ships to be built and delivered to two new staging locations, myself and some of the other members traveled out to Asakai to assist with the surrounding systems’ defense efforts. If was a fun evening and, despite losing tackle on a particularly frustrating capsuleer, we had a good evening.

We also managed to take down an Astrahus anchored near one of our LowSec staging systems. A rogue NullSec corporation had either anchored or purchased the structure, and would have been able to use it as a staging point!

We are increasing our remote system defense fleets, in order to stem the increasing aggression from a number of new and old Caldari militia pilots. The break is over for the brave and resilient pilots of the Gallente miliia, and we’re looking for others to come and join us in holding the line

War is all around us

These last weeks and months have seen some of the most bitter and bloody fighting between the Gallente and Caldari militia forces in recent years.

The month of May saw the brave mililtia capsuleers of the Villore Accords Alliance ([GMVA]) achieve our highest number of kills in over four years! Then, in June, we surpassed even that number! Bloody times indeed.

The Hell Too members have been hard at work keeping up with refittings and the logistics required to keep our pilots in the fight. In addition, after our deployment to a LowSec system of our own, we have been fighting against the incursion of the Caldari pilots in to our system. Income generation of our pilots has been left at the way-side, whilst we focus our efforts more on system defense fleets.

After having done this, rinsing and repeating a number of times, we decided to refocus a little to try and alleviate some of the pressure from the ‘brave’ Caldari loyalty point farmers. After a solid effort, last night, we took back the system of Alsavoinon.

If helping behind the scenes with manufacturing and logistics work interested you, or if you would like to join in with the Gallente AUTZ militia pilots, get in touch with Raker Plaude.