AUTZ Lowsec Corp looking for more suspects in local

Hi there, Mysty here,

Just your average recruiter looking for more duders to join our corporation Nothing Sus, because there is nothing more sus than a bunch of suspects in local

we are an established small gang, looking to broaden into a fully fledged corporation, and in the future an alliance.

We can offer all your lowsec pvp needs
ship spinning while waiting for silly freighter pilots to jump into lowsec (
we SRP as best we can for what we have

we work closely with a local NullSec group (as local as it can get for lowsec)
isk making isnt hard, just ask your fellow corpies and they can point you to some form of income.

Dont be shy, although sometimes we can be NSFW, if you dont like some content but still want to fly with us, you can just tell us and we will do our best to stop.

We fly mainly armor doctrines, but occasionally shield fleets.

we do the odd bit of hi sec wardeccing when there are juicy targets up for grabs.

if you are interested send me an eve mail, or join our ingame channel “Nosus Recruiting”



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