AUTZ - Wormholers, PvP - EXIT STRATEGY

To the top and stuff. Come on down.

Hello, is it wormholes you’re looking for?
I can see it in your pod, I can see it in your cloaky proteus
You’re all I’ve ever wanted and my lazors have opened fire
'Cause you know what drones to launch, and you know just who to primary
And I want to tell you so much, I love Unchained

Action literally right now!!! Always while am stuck at work :frowning:

to the t o p . . .

Bouncing back up to the top. Bit late for AUTZ, but better late than never :wink:

Tuesday, 2:30pm. Time for a bump!

We need you! We recruit ALL TZ’s ! Shoot stuff with us!

looking for autz corp hit me up

Email sent. Bump.

Getting towards the end of the long weekend… :frowning:

And it’s gone. Time for the public holiday drought :dizzy_face:

Bump up

And another!

It’s the weekend! well … mostly.

Its a new week and time for a new bump!

It’s a new day, people! Literally, 1.30am AUTZ for the win :thinking:

This time it’s 20 to 1, still the next day, still awful time… OK it’s not an awful time, for you people in this TZ it’s a wonderful time… it’s just I’d prefer to be playing EVE than working :wink:

a little before AUTZ, not that I’ll have time to get on :sob: but someone else will

A little after AUTZ ! bump

Bump up