AUTZ - Wormholers, PvP - EXIT STRATEGY

I wasn’t kidding - two really good fights last night. Check out our KB or better yet, submit an application to join :wink:

^ those really good fights:

Get sum!

Whoops, missed an AUTZ bump - but hear something’s going on anyway!

Some excitement last night, but ‘just’ a dread kill… More people would have killed it faster though… :thinking:

Bumpalicious bumpity bump bump

Bump for the AUTZ boys n girls

Another generous bump!

And a bump for the non-AUTZ boys and girls!! AUTZ best TZ, but everyone else is a very close second :heart:

Bumping for prosperity!


I should be bumping more frequently! Covid and lockdown should really give more time for EVE, but unfortunately it’s more time to work from home instead of EVE :scream:


Andddd another :slight_smile:

Bump shakalaka laka! (thats a thing right?)

Do you guys accept newer players? Interested in learning pvp and wh aspect of the game**

Sorry Trioxide!

In terms of an answer for you, given that it’s now 11 days since your post you aren’t a new player anymore right ??? :smiley:

I’m just a line member but would recommend you join ‘Exit-Strat Public’ channel in game and have a chat, and train towards a covops cloak (whether you join us or not, if you’re heading into wormholes it’s something you’ll be wanting!). We fly a range of ships and I expect you could pilot some with little to no training, of course there is always something else to train for even after years.

Good luck and happy (corp) hunting.

Time flies when you’re … doing anything pretty much.
It may not be AUTZ, but to the top while I think of it!

More space friends are welcome! Come make some pixels explode :slight_smile:

Many pixels are exploding. Join the pew!

Things went boom.