AUTZ - Wormholers, PvP - EXIT STRATEGY

If you haven’t already please check out ‘Exit-Strat Public’ ingame channel - if there isn’t someone on to talk to there’s a list of contacts.

Apart from that, I actually joined these guys after a 6 year break myself and it was a great decision for me. Not guaranteeing it’ll be perfect for you - but I can guarantee it’s a great corp, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

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Back to the top we go! Enjoy the ride! :rocket:

aaand again to the top!

Things going on apparently, come and find out what they are! Unfortunately not my TZ :unamused:

Any particular requirements in terms of SP?

If you can fit a covops cloak, you’re ok :slight_smile:

As if this thread wasn’t exciting enough, we also have a real life girl in our corp.


Whoa… talk about proper baiting :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what she’ll think about being used as marketing material :smiley:

What are you doing reading this anyway, stop winning eve and log in / check us out!

^ What he said!

I’m the girl (but I don’t have a mic!) :wink:


Don’t want this just sitting here gathering dust…

If you sign up today I’ll personally throw in a free set of steak knives!! ^

^ only valid for the first 0 customers

Woah! And that’s like getting blood out of a stone, ladies and gentlemen!

Come and make friends with us!

We’ve had an exciting weekend - we’re happy to share our excitement, join us and have some!

Exciting indeed! Also shameless bump

This is the initial video showing some of last weekend’s excitement!
Believe there is a longer version coming soon.

Recent Eviction

Wormhole space can be spooky. Join us and be one of the spooks.

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Must be that time again?

8AU per sec - back to the top!

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