Aventures of noob in wormhole space

Now now I know what you going to say or think its some kind of op log or something but your rong, I’m still noob been playing since june 2020 only fly bigger an expensive ships :rofl:

Last saturday( 2 january) night I was watching a c2 , was the conection from our hole to hs, me and my friends were moving out, and because i was the 1st to get all my stuff out, i was in charge of guarding the c2 hole so all my friends take their stuff out. The c2 had 4 structures no active residents :/, I was looking for some action just because I just took out my shiny new stratios fit with implants and everything, and had a fealing to kill something, anything, moved around in the wormhole but nothing moved :confused: I got bored, all my friends moved their stuff out, so i logged off 50km away from a Astrahus.

Sunday afternoon loged in and all of a all of a sudden i was sorunded by boxes and containers and no Astrahus :open_mouth:, d-scan nothing, looked in containers and saw Drekavac, asteros, praxis, and a Astrahus it made my head spin, out of all my excitment i finally managed to take out the porbes and scan a exit, found a HS hole 4 or 5 jumps from Jita, only one friend was online so asked him to help me moov all that loot, told him to come with a houler, as for me i took out ships from boxes and started to drive them to hs in a space station, now my friend came in he made took a praxis and when he came back he got blown up by one guy with 2 charactres, after that he killed me to but i was in a Praxis with no guns and only neuts :confused: , I came back couse I had respawn in Jita, i whanted to fight back, but its was no point in that so we all took all what we could and moved to HS, my friend was lucky and took out to hs the astrahus and some modules the rest what he took out i dont know, the other guy took out all the drekavacs ships, i took out 5 asteros fully fited (150mil each) 2 Praxis fully fited (200mil each) and some cov ops cloacking modules.

Now that guy who took all the drekavacs lived in a near C2, and I managed to put a scaning alt in so I can get even with him :innocent:, as far as I see he farms combats, and even mines saw a procurer o d-scan, I dont know who mines in wormholes this days with all mining changes, I’m no miner but my friends said it pointles to mine in wormholes right now.

As for me I got in a astero and stay in that wormhole to see if some stations happen to drop loot like the Astrahus above.


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