Away for 2 years, where to start

I have been away for 2 years, kept my accounts running because I always wanted to get back, but really never got to it.

Just logged in and one of my chars has ~10M unallocated SP. Did pretty much all activity before, have high SP indy and PVP chars.

I understand FW has been revamped so I think I will give that a go first. However I must say I was somewhat confused logging in with all this “yay you earned 25.000 ISK” crap and UI distractions.

Can someone provide a quick rundown of the major things that changed in the last 2 years? Any advice? I will read ofc up but maybe someone is so kind to provide a starting summary.

I’m not the most knowledgeable, and I’m sure people will fill in my blanks but…

Not a dedicated PVP’er but there have been changes to how some defensive modules work, most notably the core stabilisers, which have become active rather than passive modules and can’t be stacked.

In the indy front, there have been changes to resources - a massive rebalance in amounts of ore and mining mechanics and also T2/faction blueprints needing additional materials. There has also been a change to where you can find some specific ores. The Orca and Porpoise can now also skill into being able to compress ore/ice/gas (the last two Orca only).

The super spam on logging in and doing simple activities is the system catching you up with the new player experience - the tasks are aimed at new players to get them to experience life after the tutorial missions. Once you’ve done them they go away so just grit your teeth and bear it (the ISK isn’t great but still better than nothing for something you were going to do anyway).



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