Returning player trying to figure out what to do

Hey all,

So I re-activated my account, logged back in yesterday and realised - I am a massive newb again lol.

I used to play (originally started in 2003).

I am trying to figure a few things out, and maybe looking for some friendly people to fly with.

I would prefer to do some PVE, although I am not against trying PVP, i just have little to no experience in it except for a few null sec skirmishes about 10 years ago.

Any advice for a returning player, who feels a bit lost. Also I am currently sitting in a 0.7 system docked in my thanatos - I assume if I undock here I wont be able to re-dock due to fact carriers shouldnt be in high sec? Or has something changed? (I’m guessing I was moved there).

Tried some L4s in my old Domi fit last night… that did not go well lol - I may fit out a cruiser and try some L2/L3s to get a feel for it again lol.

My skill points are mostly in gallente spaceships and drones - i have a total of 34million skill points at the moment, currently training up some drones and fighter related skills as some of the changes have meant I can’t use my fighters it seems lol

Hopefully see some of you out there,

have a great weekend

Take the Domi and do Lvl3 missions, that’ll work out and make you remember some habits you were used to.
Lvl3 in a Cruiser will be tricky.

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