Returning player :'(

so, have not logged in since 2014. just logged in and was met by a screen of confusing icons,text, and info i can’t even remember what half of it means, what items do, or how they work. I’m in a station in a system like 50+ jumps from jita, in a fully outfitted orca, no friends, no allies, and no idea where I am. realized I’m basically a newb player in an expensive kitted Orca, didn’t want to lose it from ignorance. felt overwhelmed, and just logged off again. welcome to the eve learning cliff all over again.

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Make a new pilot and do the whole NPE thing.


Per reply above, make a new character or alpha account and go relearn the game until you feel confident enough to risk your more expensive stuff.


Welcome to my world.

Serious tho, follow the advice of a new pilot, it’s prob your best option.

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I felt exactly the same way with Warframe XD Went back to that game after 2-3 years break. Bearly understood the vast farming mechanics there and now there’s so many areas I have no clue what they are about.

As everyone said try the New Player Experience then simply put in hours to see where you are at. Look at your inventory perhaps you may have some side projects going on. Try a corp with helpful people on voice chat. The more time you stick with relearning where you left off the easier it will start to come back to you.

Welcome back!

Perhaps it might have been better to try the return under a new alt, to learn all the differences from the perspective of a new player rather than a returning one?

I am a recent arrival, and I found the NPE very good. Rookiehelp has been amazing and I plan to remain there while they continue to serve as my guide.


we can be friends :smiley:
if you dont suck i mean…

I look for friends that suck, if you know what I mean.

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Mothball the orca for now. Make a new character, or even an alpha and spend a week or two relearning the game.

Once you feel comfortable enough with the game, the mechanics, the player base you could dust off that orca and use it, or sell it for some quick isk for other things.


the orca is worth a lot nowadays

The value of your Orca would be worth isk to someone where you currently are. Via Contract sale or repackage(losing rigs) then sold on the market.

Shuttle to Jita and buy a new Orca etc undock then restart your journey in New Eden to some space where you feel like a new home.

Reason for saying such is that pilots would be looking to moving out of Highsec etc.

Flash that credit card and buy yourself to victory !

It is the new way.

The trouble is that one can extend that line of reasoning to time itself. What if person A can afford to be on 10 hours a day, and person B can only afford to be on 1 hour a day ? Not a credit card in sight…yet clearly a real world impact on game position.

feel free to exit your orca and fly a less expensive ship until you relearn. no need to make a new character, as people have mentioned. I’m not sure if they’re aware that you can change ships.

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