***** Awesome Toon *****

Awesome name Awesome toon

just a shade under 5.5mil SP

Plus 5 Implants for Skill Farming

High Grade Slaves for pvp-ing [ Full Set ]

pos Wallet
1 jump from Jita

Great pvp toon has all the skills needed

5 bill ( cash transfer zero hassle )

all ccp rules religiously followed ( if I forgot to mention ) ^_-

ok fast sale buy now 5 Billion and become awesome with on click :stuck_out_tongue:

See the skills here

PS ok skill board slow on the update BUT out of corp and skills sucked dry like a desert summer day :stuck_out_tongue:

Still for sale ?

bump for day

still for sale

Daily Bump

Great starter toon has all the skills and implants needed

daily post

nope still bumping no deleted in 24hrs great toon to be had

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