***** Awesome Toon *****

(Zero OverFlow) #1

Awesome name Awesome toon

just a shade under 5.5mil SP

Plus 5 Implants for Skill Farming

High Grade Slaves for pvp-ing [ Full Set ]

pos Wallet
1 jump from Jita

Great pvp toon has all the skills needed

5 bill ( cash transfer zero hassle )

all ccp rules religiously followed ( if I forgot to mention ) ^_-

ok fast sale buy now 5 Billion and become awesome with on click :stuck_out_tongue:

See the skills here

PS ok skill board slow on the update BUT out of corp and skills sucked dry like a desert summer day :stuck_out_tongue:

(Theo Zeuxis) #2

Still for sale ?

(Zero OverFlow) #3

bump for day

(Zero OverFlow) #4

still for sale

(Zero OverFlow) #5

Daily Bump

(Zero OverFlow) #6

Great starter toon has all the skills and implants needed

(Zero OverFlow) #7

daily post

(RobinAnne) #8

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(Zero OverFlow) #9

nope still bumping no deleted in 24hrs great toon to be had