***** PVP Toon - Farmer *****

Theo For Sale - Skill Board

Has all the skill books for an awesome pvper has 5,049,775 SP
-0.2 security
located 1 jump from Jita
Positive wallet
3 Kill Rights - 25d 18h 54min at time of writing

Has High Grade Slaves all 5 plus Omega and
Trajectory Analysis TA-705
Noble Mechanic MC-805
Lancer Gunnery RF-905
Noble Hull Upgrade HG-1004

has Plus 5 learning implants all 5
2 empty clones

transfer will be cash not plex
umm blah blah all other ccp rules followed if I forget one

ps - is out of corp - eveboard will show in corp and 77mil SP but not updates yet…


Bump for the day - General George S. Patton “Mercs today are lazy, Hub humping is not merc work”

Bump for new day

4.5 bil offered


buy me now

still Available

Skill books Implants all you need to become great buy me now

still available

still available

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