***** PVP Toon - Farmer *****


(Theo Zeuxis) #1

Theo For Sale - Skill Board

Has all the skill books for an awesome pvper has 5,049,775 SP
-0.2 security
located 1 jump from Jita
Positive wallet
3 Kill Rights - 25d 18h 54min at time of writing

Has High Grade Slaves all 5 plus Omega and
Trajectory Analysis TA-705
Noble Mechanic MC-805
Lancer Gunnery RF-905
Noble Hull Upgrade HG-1004

has Plus 5 learning implants all 5
2 empty clones

transfer will be cash not plex
umm blah blah all other ccp rules followed if I forget one

ps - is out of corp - eveboard will show in corp and 77mil SP but not updates yet…


(Theo Zeuxis) #2

Bump for the day - General George S. Patton “Mercs today are lazy, Hub humping is not merc work”

(Theo Zeuxis) #3

Bump for new day

(Morals Gradient) #4

4.5 bil offered

(Theo Zeuxis) #5


(Theo Zeuxis) #6

buy me now

(Theo Zeuxis) #7

still Available

(Theo Zeuxis) #8

Skill books Implants all you need to become great buy me now

(Theo Zeuxis) #9

still available

(Theo Zeuxis) #10

still available