Back from big break

Basically i start playing at end of 2017 i got 2 accounts but i didnt end understanding the game. I want some of you guys point my in a good direction, the initial idea was to explore in the main account/ratting while i was mining in the alter account, i can open multiple clients i have 2/3 monitors and good hardware, i can open up to 10 clients witouth problem.

Main account for ratting/exploring

alter for mining

I have some ISK and some omega for around 3 months. Im in brave, Someone can point me in what direction i should go or if skills are fine? i remember i got max drones with vni skills but idk if i have something left, i dont play since 1 year and a half i think What fits i could use or what look into?

They could and probably would help you. They are a new-pilot-friendly group, after all.

If your in Brave (or even if you’re not) the Dojo is a good place to start:

Good luck.

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