Back in Eve from 10 years, what i found.... lvl 2 mission

It says that a picture is like 1000 words.
What those CCP says about this lvl 2 mission?
Jusy saying…

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All I’m seeing is you don’t know how to manage aggro?


Your mission is “Recon (1 of 3)”. Did you not read the mission description? This outcome was 100% avoidable by reading the description. There might even have been a popup when you warped into this second pocket!

By the way, this mission was also available 10 years ago.



OP I would group your guns there is likely no reason to have guns not grouped.

Yes the mission Ewar is quite annoying. Actually, it’s pretty annoying for marauders also since CCP reduced resists while in bastion. There are ways to work around it/negate it.

I will go out on a limb and say nothing has changed with missions for quite some time regarding NPCs.

Please do some research and learn before making a silly post :slight_smile: (Using kind words here)

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Thanks for all the info! i dint know i can group! :))

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Yeah, I’m a little late to this topic. For the most part you can research the missions in this site -

Bookmark that site and refer to it first before accepting the missions. There’s also a lot of info players have posted in the comments section of each page.

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