Backing up UI settings and Ovewview

Please add an easy to use back up system for the UI and overview.

After needing to do it multiple times after the vanguard client reinstall, this last time I almost didn’t bother. I have a low tolerance for frustration and trying to restore my UI after having it deleted multiple times even with back ups I’ve made, almost made we walk away and cancel subs.


You can export the Overview settings as xml files via the overviews settings menu.
The rest of the UI less so, unless you backup the corresponding programdata folder, I believe.

Yeah lucky for me I made back ups, figuring out where to put them to get them to take effect required a little detective work.

What I am saying is this stuff really shouldn’t be that hard in 2023, window placement, overviews, market quickbar favourites, all the junk that makes life easy once you’ve done it. Should be easy to keep backed up to the account in a cloud system.


I am not disagreeing with you.
The underlying system is just old. Not sure about the effort it would take to modernize every aspect of it.

I’m not really in the know with what they are working on, I might be using it now or it might be in the works. Hopefully this is already in the works for new stuff.

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