Balance Between Turret Precision Rigs and Missile Precision Rigs

Some Turret Rigs (for Energy, Hybrid, and Projectile Turrets) and Missile Rigs (for Missile Launchers) might benefit from more of an equilibrium between their effects and Calibration costs. The Turret Rigs that grant bonuses to Turret Tracking Speed (Energy Metastasis Adjuster, Hybrid Metastasis Adjuster, and Projectile Metastasis Adjuster), and the Missile Rigs that grant bonuses to Missile Explosion Velocity (Warhead Flare Catalyst) and Missile Explosion Radius (Warhead Rigor Catalyst), have similar purposes: increase the chances of hitting targets and increase potential to deal more damaging hits, collectively known as “precision.” The Metastasis Adjusters have stacking penalties and Calibration costs of 100 and 150 for Tech I and Tech II, respectively, for a total of 150 Calibration points at maximum efficiency. Of the Warhead Flare Catalyst and Warhead Rigor Catalyst, neither have stacking penalties, and they have Calibration costs of 50 and 75 for Tech I and Tech II, and 100 and 150 for Tech I and Tech II, respectively; Missile precision Rigs have infinite efficiency and multiple combinations for reaching the Calibration points cap.

Turret Rigs and Missile Rigs should be comparable to each other in terms of effectiveness, considering that they are both major weapons systems in the game. The difference in Calibration costs, number of precision Rigs (1:2 Turret Rigs to Missile Rigs ratio), and stacking penalties, shows that there could be discrepancies in balance. These Rigs might be able to be more balanced in comparison to each other, and possible means to achieve this could include: increase or reduction in Calibration costs of the precision Rigs, along with possibles increases or reductions in these Rigs’ bonuses in order to make them cost appropriate; merging of the Missile precision Rigs; increases or decreases in Turret and Missile precision Rigs’ bonuses to make their total statistical values more comparable.

Don’t forget that turrets and missiles are different weapon-systems and they use different mechanics. That is why the rigs are balanced differently.


The missile rig that most closely resembles the Metastasis Adjusters is the Rigor Catalyst which reduces the explosion radius - similar to the missile precision skill. Calibration requirements for this rig are 100 for T1 and 150 for T2.

Given that missiles are proximity weapons that will always hit their target as long as it is within range it’s really an apples to oranges comparison.

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I see your point, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I edited my post to include this, among other details.

Missiles benefit from increased Explosion Velocity and decreased Explosion Radius (Missile mechanics - UniWiki) in a way similar to Turret Tracking Speed; Missiles deal more damage because they hit targets more quickly and at a closer range, as the damage is based is based on how fast the Velocity and size of the Signature Radius of the targets are, which is similar to how Turrets with increased Tracking Speed can hit faster moving targets more accurately and powerfully based on their Velocity and Signature Radius.

Where did you get the idea that missile rigs aren’t stacking penalized? They most certainly are.

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